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Dr Nevine ( Experienced Senior Physiotherapist) - Special Interest in
(Vestibular, Spinal & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy)

Nevine is a conscientious Physiotherapist offering more than 26 years of clinical experience (including 5 years as a practice manager) 18 years of vestibular rehabilitation, & 20 years of continence and pelvic floor physiotherapy experience in hospitals & private practice. 

Nevine has also worked in community health settings, research (TELKO study at Melbourne Uni) and rehabilitation services in public and private hospitals.

Nevine has bilingual fluency (Egyptian Arabic) & speaks a little Italian.

Her background includes working with spinal, musculoskeletal: shoulders, whiplash, pelvic girdle & hip pain, sporting injuries, vestibular/neurological, paediatrics, bladder and bowel health, dyspareunia, adults, geriatric patients with balance or mobility problems, vertigo/dizziness, and psychiatric patients.

Nevine has participated in a broad range of Physiotherapy programs: Spinal rehabilitation programs: Spine care, core stability, Pilates & functional restoration programs for Chronic Low Back Pain, Continence treatment, Prolapse, Pelvic girdle pain, falls prevention, vestibular rehabilitation, strength training, and musculoskeletal physiotherapy.

Nevine has excellent interpersonal skills and is proficient in source- oriented patient assessments, time management and therapy-program design/execution.

Nevine’s experience in Vestibular rehab (having attained 3 vestibular certificates and a 6 day competency based Vestibular course) spans over 18 years and she can diagnose and treat:
1. Dizziness, head spinning, light-headedness, balance disorders and associated double vision.
2. BPPV – posterior, or horizontal
3. Vestibular neuritis and hypofunction
4. Cerebellar ataxia
5. Cervical instability, headaches, and associated vertigo and vestibular migraines
6. Persistent perceptual postural Vertigo.

Nevine also treats Musculoskeletal pain associated with ante/postnatal clients: Pelvic Girdle pain, symphysis pubis and SIJ dysfunction and Lumbosacral instability, DRAM, Tx dysfunction, Chronic Low Back pain- functional restoration programmes and Pilates.

Nevine utilises best practice, outcome measures, and thorough examination techniques to identify the root cause(s) of clients’ problems , and educating them about how they can relieve their pain, stiffness, weakness to improve their strength, mobility, balance and reduce their vertigo.

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