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Manual Therapy

Manual therapy: a hands-on approach

Here at Physio Cure, we can provide a hands-on approach to help manage stiffness, pain and mobilise the body. In most cases, our physiotherapists will utilise manual therapy along with other forms of treatment to provide a specialised and targeted overall experience. Manual therapy techniques used by our physiotherapists include:

A comprehensive physical assessment will be performed prior to the treatment to ensure the safest and most appropriate techniques are used.

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What manual therapy helps?

Manual therapy is used to target a variety of body regions and conditions including:


Helping improve chronic musculoskeletal conditions

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Physio Cure is conveniently located in Elwood, Elsternwick and Beaumaris. Our contemporary clinics offer modern private physiotherapy treatment rooms, a fully equipped strength and conditioning gym and a bespoke open plan studio for Clinical Pilates at our Elsternwick location.