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Joint mobilisation & manipulation

Joint mobilisation & manipulation

If you have stiff or tight joints, these can be stretched and unlocked to restore full movement using physiotherapy treatments like joint mobilisation or manipulation.

At Physio Cure, we use hands-on treatment to relax and move your joints using a range of joint mobilisation techniques such as ‘traction’, ‘stretch and hold’, ‘stretch and move’ or small oscillations of the joints. A manipulation might also be recommended to you after your assessment.

It’s a way of improving joint movement rapidly and is often associated with a small click or popping sound as it’s being done.

After treatment with joint mobilisation or a manipulation, it’s not uncommon to experience mild tenderness but it’s really important to keep your joints moving to stop them from stiffening up again.

We will ensure you have an individualised program of exercises to keep your joints moving and work with you achieve the desired outcome.

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A bit more on joints…

Joints are points in the body where two bones meet. They are surrounded by soft tissue, which is susceptible to injury or disease. Joint mobilisation is a therapy technique designed to relieve pain and muscle spasms, release tension and improve flexibility in a joint. By increasing your awareness of the correct position and movement of a joint and simulating smooth joint function, joint mobilisation improves range of motion and mobility.

Using small, passive movements, a therapist manually moves a joint, gently working it through a natural level of resistance. These motions stretch and strengthen the tissue surrounding the bone, which helps reduce pain and increase range of motion.

Every joint is classified on a five grade scale for range of motion. Grades I and II are used predominantly to reduce pain and stiffness. Grades III through V are used primarily to increase mobility and joint play.

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