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Why do so many people avoid regular exercise when the benefits are so hard to ignore? Whether it’s improving your mood, controlling your weight, preventing disease, recovering from injury, or increasing your energy, exercise is just plain good for you. However, many people lack the motivation to be consistent with workouts over time; others find it difficult to build it into their busy schedule; and some just find it too boring.

In order to be successful with any lifestyle change or rehabilitation program, it is important to remove potential barriers; and a great way to overcome these is through group exercise. Group exercise, especially when done in a therapeutic setting, can help make regular exercise a more achievable goal:

Group Exercise is Social

After an injury, whether it be orthopaedic or neurological in nature, it is easy to feel isolated. This can be due to any number of reasons, including limited physical mobility, difficulty participating in activities due to pain, or taking time off of work. In a group exercise setting, you’re surrounded by people who have the same or similar injuries, which allows you to bond with others and share your experiences. This helps expand your social support system, which can be very important for your mental health after an injury.

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Having our group rehab sessions now in full swing at Physio Cure – here’s some thoughts as to why group physio can have such a positive impact!

And if group rehab isn’t your thing, we also offer a one-to-one rehab service so you can be provided with a structured rehab program to go and do in your own time at home or at the gym.


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