Physio Cure

Dr Annie (Senior Physiotherapist)
Special Interest in
(Pain Management, Musculoskeletal & Children's Health)

Annie is an accomplished physiotherapist with six years of extensive experience, including one year in a hospital and five years in a private clinical setting. Throughout her dynamic career, Annie has amassed a wealth of expertise across various domains of physiotherapy.

Specializing in orthopedic pre and post-operative care, Annie has adeptly managed patients undergoing surgeries for hip, knee, ankle, spine, shoulder, hand, and elbow conditions. Her meticulous approach ensures tailored rehabilitation plans that optimize recovery and functional outcomes.

In addition to orthopedics, Annie has comprehensive experience in neurological conditions, cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, and managing musculoskeletal acute and chronic issues, including sports injuries. She also has a keen interest and proficiency in women’s health physiotherapy, catering to the unique needs of her female patients.

Annie employs a diverse range of treatment modalities to address her patients’ needs effectively. From ultrasound and interferential therapy to soft tissue work, dry needling, cupping, manual mobilization, taping, and shockwave therapy, she utilizes a holistic approach to promote healing and alleviate pain. Furthermore, Annie prescribes tailored exercise regimes to enhance strength, flexibility, and mobility. 

Annie journey as a staff Anatomy tutor at the Riphah international university began in 2021 where she embarked on a mission to enlighten first-year, second year and final year students from diverse disciplines about the intricacies of anatomy. Her passion for these subjects was not confined to the classroom; rather, it extended to her professional life, where she utilized her expertise to educate patients about their bodily conditions, thereby empowering them to comprehend their health status and facilitating their recovery process. This commitment to bridging the gap between academic knowledge and practical application underscores Annie dedication to both teaching and healthcare, making her a valuable asset to both the academic community and the field of physical therapy.

Competent in English, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi, Annie ensures effective communication  and understanding with her culturally diverse patient base. She currently practices at the Elwood Clinic at Medical One and the Elestrenwick Clinic, where she continues to deliver compassionate and exemplary care to her patients.

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