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Dr Julia (Physiotherapist) Special Interest in (Sports & Musculoskeletal Injuries)

Julia completed the Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) (Honours Class 1) at the University of Sydney.

Throughout her career, Julia has worked in national rehabilitation centers (neuro and cardiac rehab), various sporting clubs (soccer and AFL) and clinics. She has experience in treating a wide range of conditions: chronic musculoskeletal conditions, acute sports injuries (neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, ankle, foot), post orthopaedic surgery (e.g. total hip and knee replacement), as well as neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions (e.g. stroke, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, heart surgeries, COPD etc.)

Julia strongly adopts evidence-based practice with patient-centred care. She incorporates manual therapy, exercise prescription, clinical pilates, and physical activity counselling into her routine practice. With a holistic model of care and fluency in English/Mandarin, Julia always builds a good rapport with clients and supports them through the recovery process. She also integrates behavioural psychology to empower clients’ self-efficacy to achieve their goals. Her research paper has been published on International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Julia’s interest in physiotherapy came from her extensive dancing experiences at a young age. This arose her passion in understanding the human body and practising rehabilitation. She also loves all kinds of outdoor activities: hiking, beach yoga, cycling, while also enjoys spending time in research, books and painting.

Publication: Current Practice of Physical Activity Counselling within Physiotherapy Usual Care and Influences on Its Use: A Cross-Sectional Survey on International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

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