Physio Cure

Dr Denise (Physiotherapist)

Denise completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Curtin University, Perth. She has also extended her undergraduate course in Shanghai – Hua Shan Hospital.

Denise embarked on her journey as a Physiotherapist in a spine specialist centre exposing her to various musculoskeletal conditions, and later moving on to a tertiary hospital. She has gained clinical experiences in treating different type of conditions from post-surgery conditions – ACL reconstruction, hip/knee replacement, rotator cuff tear, discectomy, to acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions – muscle strains, whiplash, herniated disc, tendonitis and neurological conditions. Denise has also worked with Australian and American football teams, exposing her to various sports injuries.

Denise believes in evidence-based practice. Her techniques include dry needling, manual therapy, taping, exercise, soft tissue release, joint mobilisation. She also incorporates modalities such as spinal traction, shockwave, ultrasound and electrotherapy. She emphasises on educating patients on their conditions, treatment options and ways to manage their condition.

Denise comes from a multi-cultural background. She is well versed in English, Mandarin, Cantonese as well as Malay. She is able to capitalise this skill by reaching out and providing care to a more diverse community.

Coming from an athletic background, Denise was trained in the National Cheerleading Team, whilst being an Advanced 2 ballerina at the same time. The concept of biomechanics of the body and mind of an athlete comes naturally to her.

On her off days, Denise challenges herself to outdoor activities such as bouldering, hiking, gym. For relaxation, she enjoys barre, pilates and hunting down for interesting broadway shows.


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