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dr rain

Dr Rain (Physiotherapist)
Special Interest in
(Sports Injuries, Musculoskeletal & Rehabilitation Physiotherapy)

Rain completed his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Curtin University, WA, and brings over 3 years of experience in semi-professional and professional sports physiotherapy. 
Rain was the head physiotherapist for Rockingham City FC from 2021-2023, competing in Western Australia National Premier League (NPL) and State League 1. In 2024, Rain embarked on a new chapter, joining Northcote City FC to lend his expertise for the season, marking his return to Melbourne. 
With extensive experience treating lower limb, back, and shoulder injuries, Rain is strongly interested in treating all sports-related injuries. These include tendinopathy, soft tissue muscle strains, ligament sprains, joint stiffness, as well as enhancing strength and conditioning. His approach is deeply rooted in his extensive background in football medicine and strength and conditioning, enabling him to deliver exceptional care. 
Rain’s profound impact is highlighted by his experience in treating over a thousand individuals, including more than 200 athletes across semi-professional and professional levels. Notably, his expertise has supported multiple athletes in achieving STATE REPRESENTATION, and three have reached the pinnacle of their careers by competing in the WORLD CUP for soccer and futsal. 
Dedicated to fostering recovery and performance, Rain is passionate about assisting a diverse clientele. From the general working population to athletes at various levels, he is committed to crafting personalised, comprehensive rehabilitation plans. These plans are meticulously designed to align with each individual’s unique goals, ensuring a path to optimal health and performance.
Licenses & Memberships:
*Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
*Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA)
*The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA–Football Medicine)
*English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Hobby & Interests: 
*Sports: Soccer, Football, Running, Basketball, Volleyball, Netball, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, Ice hockey, Boxing, Muay Thai, Snooker.

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